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A retail evolution
Virginia Business Magazine
More than 60,000 retail jobs were eliminated in just the first quarter. American Apparel filed for bankruptcy and laid off thousands of workers while women's apparel retailer Bebe closed all of its 168 stores, shifting its remaining business entirely ...

Oregon Business (blog)

Downtown Hillsboro slow to revitalize
Oregon Business (blog)
“In order to increase foot traffic and get more people to use downtown frequently, we are pushing for [existing] service businesses to shift over to retail, restaurant, and entertainment venues,” Siddiqui, who joined HDP in 2015, “We are doing this ...

Starbucks Shutters Teavana: Another Retail Victim or Poor Strategy Execution?
In the scheme of things, the argument can easily be made that the end justified the means: even though these businesses have not yielded alternative retail growth, the brands have made (and continue to make) contributions to the core Starbucks brand, ...