A Virtual Data Room: Key Benefits for the Seller

Date Added: Sep 22, 2015

Deal-making process usually involves the stage when the company has to make an official disclosure of its confidential data to the interested parties. The biggest concern of the company in this case is to avoid the data leakage, which can have very negative consequences for the company competitiveness and the trade value of its products. Using virtual data rooms for distribution of the confidential information allows to protect the data and to increase the deal effectiveness. A virtual data room is the online repository where corporate documents are stored. It allows the owners of the data room to share the information securely and to get insight about the potential partners. Virtual data rooms are not only used for mergers and acquisition on the due diligence stage, but are also helpful in fundraising, investment ventures, during the bankruptcy and restructuring process.

Moreover, using virtual data rooms can significantly fasten the deal, make it more transparent and productive due to the list of useful features, such as the parallel access for various users, quick system speed, bulk uploads, storing documents with watermarking on them, tracking possibilities, setting limitations for the access, organizing a secure communication between the users of the data room, mobile compatibility, etc.

What are the key benefits of using a virtual data room for the seller?

1. It is quick. Previously, sellers had to use physical data rooms, where the potential buyers could only have a sequential access to the contents of the repository. Working with the data thus took a significant period of time. With virtual data rooms, members of the deal can work simultaneously and come to the agreement much faster.

2. It is cheap. There is a possibility to save on space and maintenance. With a virtual space, there is no need to look for a physical location for storing your documents and to hire extra IT or security specialists; all you need to do is to fill the online repository with your data with the help of qualified specialists from a providing company.

3. It is convenient. Sellers can work remotely and administrate their data anytime from any part of the world, and all the members of the deal will be informed of the changes in the system at once.

4. It is perspective. Using virtual data rooms allow getting an insight about the potential buyers. Due to the audit log function, sellers can create reports that include the information about each user of the system. Analyzing this information will help to define the most concerned parties.

5. It is secure. Best virtual data rooms use 256-bit encryption, defined as a federal government standard by the United States for files protection.

The comparison of the functions of various online repositories that are present on the market make it obvious that iDeals is currently the best provider of virtual data room services. Its data room has many useful characteristics, including the following:

§  256-bit encryption;

§  high system speed;

§  “track audit” feature for reporting of user activity;

§  the possibility of placing flexible restrictions for customers;

§  Questions & Answers section;

§  searching possibilities;

§  mobile application for Android;

§  different deployment possibilities.

If you are looking for a tool that will allow you to store and distribute your sensitive corporate data, the best recommendation will be iDeals virtual data room, the services of which have been tested and approved by many recognizable companies.