New Station Finder from FLEETCOR for euroShell Fuel Card Holders

Date Added: Apr 26, 2017

FLEETCOR has partnerships with over 800 oil companies and petroleum marketers, serving over 500,000 commercial accounts with millions of cardholders across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, and Asia. It helps major oil companies to plan, develop and implement commercial fuel card programs for fleet operator businesses. The range of services to merchants help optimize fuel costs and travel time. FLEETCOR's fuel card systems are scalable, customizable, and adaptable, meeting the requirements of different customers including small and medium enterprises.

With the Fuel Station Finder, holders of euroShell fuel cards have easy access to all Shell stations, which is one of the largest networks in Europe. The online fuel station finder has mapped all such fuel stations along with stations of other partner oil companies. Drivers and fleet operators can easily choose from over 200 Shell stations in Belgium and get directions to the desired fuel station. Additionally, holders of euroShell card Multi can refuel at more than 250 Shell partner stations (ESSO).

The Shell Station Finder is built on a Google maps framework. This makes locating a fuel station easier as most users are familiar with the interface. The finder makes available a European network of over 22,000 fuel stations in 31 countries, bringing all the information within a few clicks. It shows the route from the driver's current location or any other location to the ed fuel station. Multiple stoppages can be added while building a route, and the best route is displayed. Optional filters allow avoiding toll roads, highways, and traffic.

Standard filters can reduce search results on the basis of the type of Shell fuel card and oil brand. The station list displays a list of fuel stations in the selected area. The list gives the address, location, and route to stations. Once a station is selected, further  details are displayed like a contact phone number, a list of accepted cards, station working hours, and available fuel types and additional services and facilities. The latter ones include services like AdBlue, restroom, shop(s), ATM(s), restaurants, shower facility, information on whether the station is truck friendly, and more. It also allows users to write a review on a fuel station.

The new Fuel Station Finder is a boon for both the drivers and their fleet company. It results in fuel and time savings, making small and medium companies more competitive in terms of cost.