Shell Fuel Stations Map from FLEETCOR

Date Added: May 8, 2017

For years, FLEETCOR, an official partner of Shell and provider of euroShell fuel cards, has been focusing its activity on developing innovative solutions and tools which make fleet management convenient, flexible, interactive and cost-effective. The company is also cooperating with oil businesses of different sizes ranging from small petroleum marketers to major oil companies, thus, providing a wide spectrum of attractive services and advantages to merchants that help the latter to increase their customer base and, consequently, their business turnover. Scalable, customizable, and adaptable fuel card systems supported by FLEETCOR allow both fleet managers and oil businesses to select the most effective solutions for their needs.

FLEETCOR has recently developed and introduced a new convenient online service for euroShell –°ard holders - the Shell Station Finder . This solution has already been successfully launched for the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and a number of other European countries. The Shell Station Finder is intended to assist users of a Shell eurocard to easily locate the nearest Shell stations in their area or anywhere across Europe on a customized version of Google maps. It gives access to one of the largest fuel station networks in Europe and over 650 Shell stations in the Netherlands. The service can also be used to locate partner fuel stations, further raising the number of options for the user. Holders of a euroShell Card Multi can also refuel at any of more than 350 ESSO stations within the framework of Shell partner program. The euroShell Cards Multi International are accepted in 31 European countries at over 22.000 fuel stations, making the locator service vitally important when vehicles travel across borders.

The online Station Finder has a neat interface enabling  users to search for fuel stations, plan and optimize individual routes with a  multiple stops route-building feature. Optional filters allow avoiding toll roads, highways, and traffic.

Standard filters enable users to sort out results based on types of fuel cards and fuel brands. The  Station Finder also displays a list of stations in the selected area which can be downloaded, printed or emailed. On selecting a station, the user gets a full overview of its details, including  telephone numbers and address, location mentioning latitude and longitude coordinates, opening hours, the list of accepted cards and available fuel types. It also provides service information like AdBlue, presence of restrooms, shower, car wash, shop(s), restaurants, ATM(s), whether the station is truck friendly.

The Shell Station Finder makes the job of a driver easier and helps fleet companies to derive more benefit from effective route planning and reduction of fuel consumption. And FLEETCOR's consistent customer service ensures that the users enjoy their experience with the new tool.