The comparison between BOOMER PLUS and CLASSIC treadmills at

Date Added: Sep 1, 2009

The Boomer is priced at $499 and the Classic at $599. Both these models are a manual incline machine with the classic priced at $100 more than the Boomer. You may ask yourself this question. Which item is the best value for money? For the extra $100, what do it get? Here are my results.

If you can afford the extra $100, I would suggest you buy the Classic treadmill. It has an extra level manual incline, gel suspension running deck, extra programs and a stronger frame. If you cannot afford the extra $100, then I would suggest you purchase the Boomer treadmill, it is a great machine and well priced at $499.

Both these machines come with a maximum speed of 16km/h which is more than enough speed, 1.5 continuous hp, built in programs, manual Inline, MP3 connection and are pre-assembled in the box.

I hope this analysis helps you in choosing the right Lifespan treadmill to suit your needs. For more information, feel free to contact lifespan at