What is a ‘Top Regular Listing’?

A top regular listing is a powerful regular listing giving you more options, better exposure and help in the search engine battle:
  1. Your link will stay at the top of all the other regular listings assuring you a place on the first category page (this means that your link will surely stay at http://www.digabusiness.com/Health-Businesses/Health-Education-Businesses/ not fall to http://www.digabusiness.com/Health-Businesses/Health-Education-Businesses/page-7.html if other sites with a bigger PR are submitted)
  2. Only 12 Top Regulars are available in each category to give you a guarantee that your link will remain on the first category page
  3. You can submit Top Regulars to any category including the top categories (you can't do the same with plain regular listings)
  4. You have a 72 hours guarantee for the review

So why not submit you site now! Or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.