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Logical targets include duplication and inefficiency
Allentown Morning Call
The federal government comprises 2.6 million employees, plus countless independent contractors. This huge regime has hundreds of agencies, departments and commissions. Many of these include significant duplication of resources, which leads to ...

Vanderbilt University News

Goldberg Lecturer to examine duplication in Chinese sculpture
Vanderbilt University News
“The study of duplication suggests a way to understand the history of Chinese sculpture as more than a series of unique masterpieces,” Abe said. “However, attention to duplication raises many questions and issues for further study.” Abe received the ...

Geelong Advertiser

Geelong rail duplication hope for cities deal | Geelong Advertiser
Geelong Advertiser
GEELONG is under consideration for a cities deal but the minister responsible for the federal cash splash declined to say whether the region was at the front of ...

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