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Editorial: Council controversy points to racial divide
The Herald Bulletin
While it's difficult to surmise exactly what mix of factors led Anderson City Council to bypass Rebecca Crumes for the council presidency in favor of Greg Graham, the drama that played out at the council's Jan. 12 meeting points to underlying distrust ...

Editorial: Cursive still hanging on
Kokomo Tribune
For the older folks among us, a memo from state education officials in the spring of 2011 that cursive writing would no longer be a part of the required curriculum came as a bit of a shock. We remember making entire rows of letters and being judged on ...

Hartford Courant

Editorial: Connecticut Really Does Need Tolls
Hartford Courant
A Courant opinion on the state's deteriorating roads and bridges and how to pay for them. Connecticut has held out for too long against highway tolls. This state's roads are among the most heavily traveled in the nation. Yet Connecticut stubbornly ...

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