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Find the nearest Shell fuel station with the Station Finder App of FLEETCOR

Free mobile Fuel Station Finder App of FLEETCOR, find the nearest fuel stations and plan your route!

New Station Finder from FLEETCOR for euroShell Fuel Card Holders

The new online map from FLEETCOR shows which fuel stations accept euroShell fuel cards

Shell Fuel Stations Map from FLEETCOR

The new map from FLEETCOR helps to find fuel stations of Shell and its partners



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Yo Mix Adds Fuel Finder To List Of Features  Technology Zimbabwe

Yo Mix's most recent update adds a user updateable fuel finder an unexpected but welcome feature as the country goes through a crisis.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 | When is it?

The days are getting longer and the nights warmer, which means summer is just around the corner.

Tipping in Australia: More than half eating at restaurants don’t tip

That's the common response at the end of a group dinner when the whisper circulates, “should we leave a tip?” Traditionally, punters would throw loose change ...