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American Library Association Conference 2013 At McCormick Place in Chicago

McCormick Place Event In Chicago

A Virtual Data Room: Key Benefits for the Seller

Virtual Data Room is a web based application, which allows customers to securely exchange confidential documents between people both inside and outside their company.

Ukrainian Dating Warnings

The web is a sketchy platform. Proceeding with caution is a top priority when searching for love on online Ukrainian dating sphere.


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Roku shares plunge after Comcast announces free streaming box and Facebook launches TV device  CNBC

Shares of Roku fell on Wednesday after Comcast announced a new deal on its connected boxes and Facebook launched a new Portal TV device.

Louisiana woman shares story after surviving being thrown out of moving car by abusive ex

A New Orleans woman survived severe domestic abuse, including being thrown from a moving vehicle on the Interstate.

Why share your pronouns? This week's Dear Prudie extra.  Slate Magazine

I feel like my gender is very obvious due to my name and appearance. Is it really necessary?”