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EXCHANGE: Therapist teaches 5½-year-old to climb stairs
Beloit Daily News
NORMAL, Ill. (AP) — "The ball is scary," pediatric physical therapist Jillian McGriff said as she sat Hunter Trefzger, 5½, on an exercise ball. She steadied him as he reached, one by one, to grab rings held out by his mother, Sarah, and then tossed ...

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Court upholds Oklahoma law expanding physical therapists ...
The Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals on Friday upheld the constitutionality of a law that that allows physical therapists to evaluate and treat patients for 30 days ...

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Kip is using data to make therapy better for both patients and therapists
Kip seeks to change that by connecting its users with qualified therapists and helping them track outcomes over time. By combining in-person therapy with a mobile app that allows patients to provide feedback on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis, the ...