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Turkey marks World Refugee Day as displaced population hits 71 million  Daily Sabah

Turkey on Thursday marked World Refugee Day by calling on the international community to show solidarity with forcibly displaced people worldwide, as...

  1. Turkey sentences 24 to life in 'coup ringleaders' trial  News24
  2. Main officers in Turkey's failed coup handed life sentences
  3. 24 sentenced to life in Turkey 'coup' trial
  4. Turkey: Court announces life imprisonment in 2016 Coup trial  Business Standard
  5. Turkey: Who are putschists slapped with heavy jail terms?  Anadolu Agency
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Erdogan faces a choice — and Turkey’s democracy is at stake  The Washington Post

On Sunday, the people of Istanbul will head to the polls to elect a mayor — and it feels like anything but a local election. The opposition candidate, Ekrem ...