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Predictive Dialer Systems Save Businesses Money

Learn more about how predictive dialers make it easy for businesses to save money and make it easy to automate dialing, by calling a predefined list of phone numbers.

Kilimanjaro by the Machame Route

There are 6 standard authorized TANAPA routes for Kilimanjaro climbing and one special route for the descent. These are two tourist routes Machame and Marangu and the camping routes Lemosho, Shire, Umbwe and Rongai.

African Safaris in Tanzania - Useful Tips for Unforgettable Trip

Want to Get the best safari in Tanzania? The article will help you plan your adventure and provide tips on how to utilize efficiently your Tanzania safari.

Ukrainian Dating Warnings

The web is a sketchy platform. Proceeding with caution is a top priority when searching for love on online Ukrainian dating sphere.



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Alliance to End Plastic Waste Appoints Jacob Duer As President And Chief Executive Officer  Yahoo Finance

Former UN Leader Will Focus New Not-for-Profit on Developing, Accelerating, and Deploying Solutions to Eliminate Plastic Waste in the Environment ...

Belfast's Silform Technologies raises €2.2m to reduce coal waste

Kernel Capital led Silform Technologies' latest funding round. The investment will be used to build a pilot plant in Northern Ireland.

9 Green Packaging Solutions for Reducing Plastic Waste  Nanalyze

It's time to dump plastics, as the oceans become more polluted with microplastics and other waste. Meet nine startups offering green packaging solutions.