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Career Planning and CV Advice for a New Career

There comes a stage in everyone’s life when each us has to choose the career we are going to follow. Deciding on a career line is a tough decision and expert advice is recommended.

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Writing on wall of Mandi House Metro station: Partition stories  The Indian Express

On Friday, Delhi and California-based non-profit oral history organisation '1947 Partition Archives' set up two exhibits at the Mandi House Metro station ...

The philosophical crime writer: 'You must have empathy, even for the worst criminals'  The Guardian

Former mafia prosecutor Gianrico Carofiglio writes books to show the real Italy, not the one populated by the strutting spiv-suited mafia of the movies.

'Most of our history is not written:' Virginia marks 400 years since first Africans' arrival in U.S.

FORT MONROE — Feet from the shores that saw the arrival of the first Africans to English North America, Lynse Perry said the history and culture of her ...