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The Cheapest Real Estate In Italy

An Italian property market expert offers tips on where to acquire the cheapest seaside homes in Italy. She also explains why this area, Scalea in Calabria is enticing growing numbers of smart property buyers.

New Station Finder from FLEETCOR for euroShell Fuel Card Holders

The new online map from FLEETCOR shows which fuel stations accept euroShell fuel cards



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Mallannasagar work goes on, violating court direction  The Hindu

The farmers of the four villages Toguta, Vemulaghat, Pallepahad and Etigaddakishtapur, falling under Mallannasagar heaved a sigh of relief on Friday, when the ...

Watch the iconic SK 37E Viggen Landing, Reversing, and Taking Off in the Opposite Direction while Performing at Zigermeet 2019 Airshow  The Aviation Geek Club

What makes this clip unique is that at 06:31 the SK 37E lands, reverses, and takes off in the opposite direction. Quite unusual for a fighter bomber!

Ontario residents ‘satisfied’ with city’s direction, 92% feel safe but want streets fixed and help for the homeless  Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Almost 86% of the people of Ontario are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the job the city is doing, according to a survey released this week by the city. On a scale ...