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From license to diploma, Dubai wants you to be the best 'online influencer'  StepFeed

From detecting fake news to creating original *content*, the degree covers all aspect of social media influencing.

YouTube Testing New Service “Fundo” for Influencer Crowdfunding  Digital Information World

Several YouTubers have been given the option of testing this new feature out, and this has allowed them to have online meet and greets with fans that ...

Influencer Marketing Platform Market Insights, Research, Services With IZEA, Traackr, InfluencerDB, HYPR Brands the Influencer Marketplace, Launchmetrics, JuliusWorks, klear, Mavrck, Upfluence, AspireIQ, ONALYTICA, Lumanu, Lefty, Buzzoole, LINQIA, Social Beat, Ifluenz  US Trade Media

This Influencer Marketing Platform Market research report offers global market figures as well as figures for regional markets and segments. It explains the ...