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Time to stop mixing public resources and politics
The Intelligencer
Because of a legal carve-out for special interests, Pennsylvania has been mixing public resources and politics for years. But that carve-out could soon end. It has long been illegal for elected officials to mix political business and the people's business.

Mixing It Up
Pensacola News Journal
Lose an earring? Lucky, fashion-forward you! Single statement earrings and mismatched pairs are the “it-cessories” of the year. Featured in all the major spring/summer 2017 runway shows from New York to London, haute options range from ...

Lansing State Journal

Mixing culture with monsters at Waverly High School
Lansing State Journal
DELTA TWP. - It's Tuesday afternoon and Caleb Berry,18, is standing in large, blue furry feet at least three times the size of his own. They come up to his knees. It'll take at least two other people to help hoist the top half of the massive costume ...