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An Idea to Savor: Explaining the Success of the Food Franchise

So given the competitiveness of the market, why do people who are starting a new business so often turn to food franchises?

The Cheapest Real Estate In Italy

An Italian property market expert offers tips on where to acquire the cheapest seaside homes in Italy. She also explains why this area, Scalea in Calabria is enticing growing numbers of smart property buyers.

Cholesterol Information

Find out what is cholesterol, where it comes from, the good and bad types, and how to keep yours in check.

African Safaris in Tanzania - Useful Tips for Unforgettable Trip

Want to Get the best safari in Tanzania? The article will help you plan your adventure and provide tips on how to utilize efficiently your Tanzania safari.


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The week that shook Thai politics – and what comes next  The Guardian

A puppet-master in exile and a princess stopped from running for prime minister throw hopes of a return to democracy into doubt.

Flood risk ahead: Up to 6 inches of rain possible through next week  WSB Atlanta

We're using the most advanced weather technology to show you when the rain will move into your area, on Channel 2 Action News Sunday A.M..

Trump-pick Heather Nauert ends bid to be next US ambassador to UN  SBS News

Heather Nauert, Donald Trump's preferred nominee for US ambassador to the United Nations, has withdrawn her candidacy.