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How to Promote a Regular Menstrual Cycle

An irregular female menstrual cycle isn’t something you have to just learn to live with. There are definitely steps you can take to help promote regularity.

The Cheapest Real Estate In Italy

An Italian property market expert offers tips on where to acquire the cheapest seaside homes in Italy. She also explains why this area, Scalea in Calabria is enticing growing numbers of smart property buyers.

Cholesterol Information

Find out what is cholesterol, where it comes from, the good and bad types, and how to keep yours in check.



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10 Passengers Injured As Boeing 737 Encounters Severe Turbulence Over Italy  Simple Flying

While flying from Pristina, Kosovo to Basel/Mulhouse, Switzerland/France on Sunday the 16th of June, 2019, an ALK Airlines Boeing 737-300 encountered ...

Has The Airbus A321XLR Already Killed The Boeing NMA?  Simple Flying

With the absence of any worthwhile competition at the Paris air show Airbus has already swept the middle-of-the-market trophy table.

This Simple Device Will Let You Netflix and Chill Without Waking the Baby  Yahoo Lifestyle

Whether you have a newborn or a three-year-old, the biggest enemy of a parent's sanity is wondering when and how your kid will go to sleep and then, what to ...