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Find the nearest Shell fuel station with the Station Finder App of FLEETCOR

Free mobile Fuel Station Finder App of FLEETCOR, find the nearest fuel stations and plan your route!

Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater is home to unique nature and wildlife with about 25.000 species of animals inhabiting it. There are more wild beasts in the crater alone than anywhere else in Africa.

Tarangire National Park in Tanzania

Tarangire National Park is located on the North of Tanzania not very far from the southeast of Lake Manyara, occupying 2850 sq km (110 sq miles). The park got its name from River Tarangire which crosses the park through. In dry seasons it is the only freshwater source for many wild animals.

Kilimanjaro by the Machame Route

There are 6 standard authorized TANAPA routes for Kilimanjaro climbing and one special route for the descent. These are two tourist routes Machame and Marangu and the camping routes Lemosho, Shire, Umbwe and Rongai.

Climbing Kilimanjaro - the Highest Mountain of Africa - by the Bravest Conquerors

Kilimanjaro climb records. The oldest, the youngest, the first BASE jump, the first successful highlining, the first football match at the highest point of the African - find out about the Kili record holders here!

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