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Week With a Car: 2017 BMW i3 With Range Extender
I tried a 2017 i3 with Range Extender, which is, yes, the official model name on the window sticker, the whole thing, including the words “with Range Extender.” Which seems helpful but also unnecessarily complex. Like naming your child Tommy Who Likes ...

2017 BMW i3 Range-Extender First Test Review
Motor Trend
Some second-generation EVs, such as the 2017 BMW i3 Range-Extender (REx) I've spent the past few weeks driving, are the beneficiaries of advancement in battery chemistry, upping their ranges above 100 miles per charge and into third-generation EV ...

PC Gamer

MSI's Z270 Godlike Gaming motherboard doubles as a Wi-Fi range ...
PC Gamer
Just when we thought we'd seen it all, MSI teams up with Killer to announce a new motherboard that acts as both a networking switch and a Wi-Fi extender for ...
MSI Announces the Z270 GODLIKE GAMING MotherboardAnandTech

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