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Cholesterol Information

Find out what is cholesterol, where it comes from, the good and bad types, and how to keep yours in check.

Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater is home to unique nature and wildlife with about 25.000 species of animals inhabiting it. There are more wild beasts in the crater alone than anywhere else in Africa.

Kilimanjaro by the Machame Route

There are 6 standard authorized TANAPA routes for Kilimanjaro climbing and one special route for the descent. These are two tourist routes Machame and Marangu and the camping routes Lemosho, Shire, Umbwe and Rongai.

Marangu Route

Since the time of the first conquest of Kilimanjaro in 1889 a number of routes of various levels of complexity were paved: semi-wild and well-equipped, for beginners and more skillful climbers, as well as such that don’t require additional time for altitude acclimatization.

Best Safari in Tanzania - 6 Useful Tips from Altezza Travel

Best safari in Tanzania. Plan your dream vacation with 6 practical tips from Tanzania's tour operator Altezza travel

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