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An Idea to Savor: Explaining the Success of the Food Franchise

So given the competitiveness of the market, why do people who are starting a new business so often turn to food franchises?

Cholesterol Information

Find out what is cholesterol, where it comes from, the good and bad types, and how to keep yours in check.

Best Safari in Tanzania - 6 Useful Tips from Altezza Travel

Best safari in Tanzania. Plan your dream vacation with 6 practical tips from Tanzania's tour operator Altezza travel



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Steven Joyce's $11.7 billion hole claim to be proven correct - economist  Newshub

A leading economist says Steven Joyce's 2017 claim that Labour had a hole in its planned spending will soon be proven correct. Ahead of the 2017 election, ...

Veterans Parkway near 23rd Street in Columbus proven to be deadly intersection | Columbus  Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Two men were killed in the first two months of 2019 while crossing Veterans Parkway near 23rd Street in Columbus. It's on a regular route for homeless people ...

Dee Ford and DeForest: 49ers excited about potential of pass-rush pairing  San Francisco Chronicle

A year after DeForest Buckner's breakout season, he could have a break-the-bank season. The 49ers defensive tackle became eligible for a contract extension ...