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How to Create Targeted Mailing Lists to Fit Your Marketing Message

A complete direct mail marketing campaign encompasses the list creation, the postcard artwork, and message that promoted your product or service. You can purchase your direct marketing list from any list company. It is important in creating a tailored message that matches your targeted lists.

How to Promote a Regular Menstrual Cycle

An irregular female menstrual cycle isn’t something you have to just learn to live with. There are definitely steps you can take to help promote regularity.

The Truth about Unemployed Payday Loans

Payday loans are unsecured personal loans or cash advances. In its strictest sense, got its name from the time within which the loans are payable, often times coinciding with paydays on the fifteenth or every month. This presupposes that the borrower is in fact gainfully employed as of the moment.

Finding The Perfect iPhone 5 Case

In this day and age people are so attached to their phones that if they accidentally leave their Iphone at home, it feels as if they have lost an arm.

Predictive Dialer Systems Save Businesses Money

Learn more about how predictive dialers make it easy for businesses to save money and make it easy to automate dialing, by calling a predefined list of phone numbers.

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18-year-old killed as part of 5 different shootings in Detroit overnight

DETROIT -- An 18-year-old man was shot and killed while six other people were also shot as Detroit Police reported five different shootings in the city overnight.

Different outlook | Sports  Journal Inquirer

HARTFORD — The UConn men's basketball team, mired in a three-year losing streak, will be a different animal in the upcoming season.

“There’s Always Something Personal, Always Something a Little Different”: Jerry Schatzberg in Conversation with Joshua Z Weinstein  Talkhouse

The writer-director of Menashe sits down with one of his cinematic heroes, one of the great directors of the 1970s.